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Proposed Communication Network Architecture

The proposed SDDMIN architecture advocates the concepts of wireless ad hoc/infrastructure based networking technology.

Followings are its merits,

  • flexible in operation.
  • should operate effectively in uncertain and dynamic environments to bring together information from a variety of heterogeneous sources.
  • The network should provide wide area communications (WAN) and local communication within a disaster site.
  • The WAN can also provide a backbone for linking several hot spots at multiple separate disaster areas.
  • Connectivity at local level can be provided by using a WLAN.

Based on the above analysis, the architecture of the SDDMIN has been derived as mentioned below as shown in the Figure:


Wireless Devices at Work 

•   Wireless Access Points (Indoor & Outdoor)  that supports IEEE 802.11 b/g
•   8 dBi  and 15 dBi Omni-directional Antenna
•   Laptops with WLAN Activated
•   PDA  

Activity  Overview

  • Activity started from site  survey  and equipment study
  • Gradual implementation of applications in the handheld devices and the laptops 
  • Along with communication range testing and performance measurement of the Network system wireless equipments starts in the   urban areas and later in rural areas
  • Different applications relating to Network Survivability Management System developed and deployed
  • Risk Zone Mapping and Vulnerability Assessment has been completed for the target area

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